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Amena Khan

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Red Dress

A blue caveat

This story is not about money or life’s needs; instead, it is about two souls who break tradition and want to slip away after fulfilling the basic necessities of arranged marriages. Will they consummate their extra-marital affair and become complicit and implicated in their deadly, unconventional life or choose a life of security, pain, uncertainty, or perhaps ending in successful marriages or the shame of divorce?


Amena Khan

Amena Khan is a newbie author; her debut romance novel is ‘Red Dress’: A Blue Caveat explores the conflict around an extra-marital affair. Though extramarital affairs are frowned upon, it is all around us. We sometimes walk into it knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. But rarely do we talk about it, let alone analyze its cause and effect on our lives. Is an extramarital affair born out of a selfish act or is it because of this void in a significant relationship? Amena, through her characters, tried to explore these questions

Amena has been writing since she was a child but was averse to publicity.

Red Dress

A Blue Caveat

Book Reviews

Finally!!!  I came to and end with both Paula and Robin.
The end was not a happy one for both of them.  First, they never learned how to cope with their marriage problems.  They were very responsible and loved their family, but that was not enough.  They were very unhappy. These situations happen when there is differences in characters and personality and that’s when we have to work very hard if we want to save the marriage.
Paula and Robin were not able to cope with their marriage problems and instead they tried to find it outside which is never a solution to the marriage.  There were two things lacking from their marriage: “love and maturity”.  When you are in love you work hard to save it, but they didn’t.  
Congratulation!!! The book is very well written and I have enjoyed it very much.  ❤️

Angela Argimon

 “We try to drift sometimes, but we get hurt and come back to the harbour again”, says Paula, the protagonist of the novel Red Dress. The author, Amena Khan, in her debut novel, vividly describes the struggles and emptiness two individuals go through in their respective marriages, and how they find solace in each other dating online.  
Amena Khan has courageously handled this subject with sensitivity, maturity, and without judgment. And for this reason, Red Dress is a must-read novel. #reddress

Atika Nadaf